Return of Equipment


    Please note the following items are NOT RETURNABLE under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE:

    Liquid Handling products

    Including single- and multichannel- pipettes (manual and/or electronic) and bottle-top dispensers.

    Consumables and Reagents

    Includes pipette tips, centrifuge tubes, plates, Nucleocassettes, buffers, solutions/chemicals and Cell Culture dish ware.

    100-120 V / 50 Hz and 208-230 V/ 50 Hz Instruments

    This includes centrifuges, cyclers, shakers, incubators and any other instrumentation.

    Centrifuge Rotors and Buckets

    Rotors and rotor buckets that have their original packaging seal broken are not returnable. Please ensure the information on the outside of the box is what you require before opening. Once the original packaging has been opened, we cannot accept rotors back.

    Printed Circuit (PC) Boards and ALL Repair Parts including SOFTWARE

    This includes any electronic or mechanical component, or sub component, memory, EEPROMs, motors, monitoring sensors and any internal instrument/product components. Software is also not returnable.

    Probes and Sensors

    This includes, but is not exclusive to, pH Probes, DO sensors and any immersible sensor that can/could come in contact with samples/liquids.

    Customized instruments and bar-coded products

    Items including bar-coded plates, dishes and any consumables with unique coding and/or differentiation. Any custom configured instrument, product with unique labeling or customized packaging is also subject to this policy.

    YOUR ORDER MAY BE PUT ON HOLD until you reply and acknowledge our policy, either by signing and returning this document or by responding via email/fax your approval. If you do not wish to abide by these conditions, please let us know so we may adjust your order and not include these items.


    Equipment not listed in 1. (NO RETURN POLICY) may not be returned to Seller without the prior written authorization of Seller. Buyer must contact Eppendorf Canada Customer Service at 1-800-263-8715, to request this authorization. All returns are at the discretion of the Seller.