DNA LoBind Plates

Image – DNA LoBind Plate detail
Image – DWP 96x1000µl DNA LoBind blue_3
Image – DWP 96x500µl DNA LoBind white_barcode
Image – ep T.I.P.S. elongated
Image – DNA LoBind Plate detail
Image – DWP 96x1000µl DNA LoBind blue_3
Image – DWP 96x500µl DNA LoBind white_barcode
Image – ep T.I.P.S. elongated
DNA LoBind Plates

DNA LoBind Plates maximize sample recovery of nucleic acids by significantly reducing sample-to-surface binding. The ideal solution for sample preparation and long-term storage of your precious samples! More information

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DNA LoBind plates improve recovery of nucleic acids by reducing their adsorption to the tube wall. A combination of special manufacturing technologies and selected polypropylene batches ensures nearly 100 % recovery of DNA/RNA molecules-without surface coating to eliminate the risk of sample contamination. Eppendorf DNA LoBind plates are ideal for sample preparation of long-term storage of nucleic acids in forensic, microarrays, NGS applications, and many others.

Eppendorf DNA LoBind

products are available in tube, microplate and deepwell plate formats to meet the different application needs for various sample volumes and throughput.

DNA LoBind Plates

DNA recovery rate

after different incubation conditions DNA recovery rate (0.2 ng/µL DNA fragement (130 bp, 32P labeled) in 2.5 M NaCl/TE buffer) in Eppendorf DNA LoBind tubes compared to tubes from different suppliers. The Eppendorf DNA LoBind Tubes revealed up to 99 % sample recovery independent of the tested incubation temperature or time.

DNA LoBind Plates

Application Note 226:

Use of Eppendorf LoBind® Tubes to consistently prepare and store standard panels for real–time PCR absolute quantifications. Adsorption of DNA to tube surfaces effects accuracy of real–time PCR results. The much higher DNA recovery from Eppendorf® DNA LoBind tubes leads to improved standard curves and subsequently more an accurate interpretation of DNA quantity in samples assayed. Image: Flowchart of DNA standard panels preparation. Genomic DNA stock solution was serial 10–fold diluted in either competitor's low retention or Eppendorf DNA LoBind tubes. 22 µL aliquots of each dilution were stored for 24 hours at –80°C in either competitor's low retention or Eppendorf DNA LoBind Tubes before real–time PCR assay. The PCR efficiency of the samples, which were prepared and stored in Eppendorf LoBind Tubes, was much higher - see Application Note 226 for more details.

DNA LoBind Plates


  • Eppendorf LoBind material ensures optimized sample recovery for improved assay results
  • Free of surface coating (e.g. silicone) to minimize the risk of sample interference
  • Lot-certified PCR clean purity grade: free of human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors
  • Available in tube, microplate, and deepwell plate formats for easy-up scaling
  • High-contrast Unique OptiTrack® matrix: up to 30 % faster sample identification and fewer pipetting errors
  • RecoverMax® well design: optimized well geometry for minimal remaining/dead volume and excellent mixing properties
  • Raised well rims and a smooth surface ensure reliable sealing
  • Available with barcode. Additional details available at: www.eppendorf.com/barcode


  • Preparation or storage of DNA and RNA samples
  • Forensic trace analysis
  • Preparing dilution series in quantitative qPCR
  • Sample preparation in next-generation sequencing
  • Creation of genomic or oligonucleotide libraries
 MTP 96/VDWP 384/200DNA LoBind PlatesDWP 96/500DNA LoBind PlatesDNA LoBind PlatesDNA LoBind PlatesDNA LoBind Plates
Bottom shapeconical
Material QualityDNA LoBindDNA LoBindDNA LoBindDNA LoBindDNA LoBindDNA LoBindDNA LoBindDNA LoBind
Max. RCF6,000 × g
Number of wells96 wells384 wells384 wells96 wells96 wells96 wells96 wells384 wells
OptiTrack® frame colorwhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhite
Packing80 plates (5 bags × 16 plates)40 plates (5 bags × 8 plates)120 plates (10 bags × 12 plates)40 plates (5 bags × 8 plates)120 plates (10 bags × 12 plates)20 plates (5 bags × 4 plates)80 plates (10 bags × 8 plates)80 plates (5 bags × 16 plates)
Purity grade(s)PCR cleanPCR cleanPCR cleanPCR cleanPCR cleanPCR cleanPCR cleanPCR clean
Total volume per well350 µL
Volume200 µL200 µL500 µL500 µL1,000 µL1,000 µL
Well colorcolorlesscolorlesscolorlesscolorlesscolorlesscolorlesscolorlessclear
Working volume20 – 300 µL
DNA LoBind Plates
Video: DNA LoBind Plates – Video – Eppendorf LoBind® - How it works

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