General Information

Terms and Conditions of Sale (download pdf)

Eppendorf Canada Ltd. is hereinafter referred to as "Seller". Items ordered from Seller in whatever form or quantity are referred to as "Equipment". The term "Buyer" means the person, firm, company or other entity to which Seller is selling the Equipment. All sales by Seller are subject to all of the following Terms and Conditions. Any terms or conditions set forth in acknowledgments and any other documents relating to sale of Equipment, in addition to or inconsistent with the following Terms and Conditions, including penalties or liquidated damages for Seller's failure to meet shipment dates or any other reason, shall not be binding upon Seller. Failure of Seller to object to provisions contained in any purchase order or other communication from any Buyer shall not be construed as a waiver of these conditions nor an acceptance of any such provisions. Seller reserves the right to correct clerical or stenographic errors at any time.