epMotion® 5075 VAC

Image – OLD - epMotion 5075 VAC with PC_1
Image – OLD - epMotion 5075 VAC with PC_1
epMotion® 5075 VAC
epMotion® 5075 VAC
epMotion® 5075 VAC
epMotion® 5075 VAC
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Complex applications, such as nucleic acid purification should not tie lab personnel to the workbench. The epMotion 5075 VAC liquid handling robot allows true walk-away automation of purification protocols that rely on vacuum filtration. Pre-validated protocols are available for most standard applications, such as plasmid DNA, genomic DNA and RNA purification. The protocols are predefined on the system and setup takes only a few minutes.


  • Like 5075 LH but with 11 ANSI/SBS microplate positions
  • One vacuum position for plates with various thickness
  • Integrated vacuum pump
  • Vacuum fully controlled by software
  • Plate gripper for stacking plates
  • Compact control panel, easy programming
  • Optional PC version
  • Optional software extensions for handling samples with barcodes or for integration to LIMS & ELN
  • Optional software extensions for integration to regulated process environments (GLP, GMP, 21 CFR)
  • Fully enclosed, compact housing with door lock


  • Like 5075 LH with vacuum purification technologies
  • Solid phase extraction
  • Filtration
  • DNA from blood, tissue and cells
  • DNA from plants and bacteria
  • Sequencing and PCR clean-up
  • Total RNA isolation
 epMotion® Systems
Gripper carrying capacity1,200 g
Max. output35 L/min
Pipetting typeAir-cushion
SLAS/ANSI deck positions11
Suction time1-99 min
Thermal module cooling down period of heating/cooling platefrom 25 to 4 °C in 5 minutes
Thermal module heating off period of heating/cooling platefrom 25 to 95 °C in 8 minutes
Thermal module setting range0-110 °C
Underground area0,1-0,85 ±0,05 hPa
ApplicationNucleic acid purification
Volume range0.2 µL – 1 mL
Power supply100 – 240 V ±10 %, 50 – 60 Hz ±5 %
Max. power consumption140 W
Dimensions (W × D × H)107 × 61 × 67 cm
Weight w/o accessories90 kg
Vacuum unit 
Suction range0.1-0.85 ±0.05 hPa
Suction time1 – 99 min
Vacuum max. output35 L/min
Conductor – X, Y, Z Positioning 
Random measurement error±0.1 mm
Systematic measurement error±0.3 mm
Optical confocal infrared detectorContact-free recognition of fill level, inserted tools, labware, tip types and quantities
Dispensing tool 
Random measurement error (1 µL)1,2≤5 %
Random measurement error (1,000 µL)1,2≤0.15 %
Random measurement error (50 µL)1,2≤0.4 %
Systematic measurement error (1 µL)1,2±20 %
Systematic measurement error (1,000 µL)1,2±0.7 %
Systematic measurement error (50 µL)1,2±1.0 %
1in pipetting mode, free jet, without pre-wetting, with distilled water, at 20 °C
2See Eppendorf Application Note 168 for typical pipetting performance
epMotion® 5075 VAC
Video: epMotion® 5075 VAC – Video – epMotion® 5075 VAC - Integrated Vacuumstation mp4
epMotion® 5075 VAC
Video: epMotion® 5075 VAC – Video – Institute for Pathology, TU Munich, Germany
epMotion® 5075 VAC
Video: epMotion® 5075 VAC – Video – Esteve, Barcelona, Spain
epMotion® 5075 VAC
Video: epMotion® 5075 VAC – Video – Institute of Biotechnology, Prague, Czech